Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pinterest Told Me To

Sheaffer is one of my absolute best friends.  We spend HOURS at the pool together during the summer and probably just as many hours texting each other funny/inappropriate pictures.  This summer Sheaffer told me that she was thinking of starting a style blog all about taking Pinterest outfits and recreating them with items from her closet and I was SO EXCITED!  I wasn't just excited about the outfits, which I knew would be adorable, but I was excited to read what she wrote because she's STINKIN' HILARIOUS!

If you're looking for some DARLING outfit ideas and a good dose of funny, be sure to check her out (and follow her because she does give aways... which aren't rigged.  hahaha. I tried to pressure her last time, but she wouldn't cave)

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