Monday, February 4, 2013


Hey, friends!  Sheaffer told me that she was going to give me a "shout out" today and I immediately started panicking... because in between working on TONS of Christmas cards, birth announcements and party invitations I've also been taking care of my two little guys, growing a little girl (how crazy is that!) and, of course, teaching 100+ Middle Schoolers Algebra every day.  Thrilling, right?!?!

Here are the basics you need to know about me...
1) I try to do it all.  Need a blog design??? I'm your girl.  Want place cards for an event??? I'd love to!  You want an invitation to match your themed shower???  Trust me, I'd love to!

2) Everything is totally custom.  Even if there's an idea you saw on here or my FB page, it's all completely customizable.  No order is too small (or big! Yes... I did an order for 1800 Christmas cards... stuffed, sealed and stamped!) and nothing is too "out there" (I've done everything from a "sexy camping bridal shower" to a "Bubble Guppies... but not really bubble guppies" party invitation).

3) Email me!  If you have questions, an idea or just want to chat :), shoot me an email (andrea@slightlyaskewdesigns.com) and I promise I'll get back to you.  I don't promise it'll be that day, because when I read your email on my iPhone I'm probably scarfing down a pudding cup in between class periods or in the middle of cleaning Lucky Charms up off my kitchen floor (because my almost-two year old insists on dumping them out, scattering them around and then eating only the marshmallows) - but I do promise that I'll get back to you.  If I don't reply in a day or so, don't feel bad about sending me a reminder.  At that point I usually write a note on my hand ala-6th grade and reply that night. :)

4) I've just started offering double-sided cardstock cards and THEY ARE FABULOUS!!!  They come in a variety of finishes (linen, pearl, etc.) and are my new favorite thing.  Email me for pricing and other info.

Feel free to LIKE Me on Facebook or follow me on instagram (andrea2220) for more frequent updates and pics of fun new things I'm working on.  

Thanks so much for stopping by!!! :)

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