Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Vineyards

I can't believe that I forgot to post about this super adorable blog! I completed this for them several months ago and I guess it just slipped through the cracks when it came to posting about it! OOOPS!!!

Hole In ONE

It breaks my heart to even type this, but Smith is turning one. His mom picked the first idea (the one above), but I liked them both so I had to share!


Owen was recently adopted by some friends of ours at church and his shower was an "African Texas" theme :) The card below was printed out 4x6 size and given to people as they left (to put up on their refrigerator, stick in their Bibles, etc.)

New Family Blog: Updated

The New Family had changed A LOT since I originally designed their blog and it was definitely time for an update. Sweet Jaxson has grown up soooo much and their next little guy needed his picture on there as well :)


This fun mama is hosting her first annual "Lylapalooza" celebration for her daughter Lyla's first birthday. HOW CUTE IS THAT?!?!?! She ended up going with the option below, but I loved them both so much I just had to share :)

Jaxson's Farm Party

As always, this cute little guy's pictures are super easy to work with and his party theme so much fun! Happy 2nd Birthday, Jaxson! (Still can't believe he's about to be two!)

Goodbye, Butter.

This fun client is working her way through a Mediterranean cookbook and chronicling it on her blog: Goodbye, Butter. She wanted a Metiterannean feel with cooking elements and I think we hit the nail on the head!


Another sweet name and another sweet invitation. I love the mod feel of the circles paired with the more tradtional damask (super subtle) in the blue background.

Baby Blair

A sip & see invitation for a Texas Longhorm mommy :)

Addison Elle

This shower invitation I finished up this week is almost as sweet as the name Addison Elle (LOVE!)

Little Fancy

Sarah is an absolute SWEETHEART whose Christmas cards I've designed for the last couple of years. She has a great blog where she cooks and then writes all about it (with great pictures, to boot!). She's way more adventurous in the kitchen than I am, but I am completely inspired by her blog (especially with it's new, cute look!)

She sent me TONS of yummy photos of food that she'd cooked and I couldn't not use them so I made her a footer that I'm particularly proud of :)

An aPEELing Life

Jamie is a friend of a friend who is expecting twin boys around the same time I'm expecting my next little guy and she was an absolute pleasure to work with. I think that her blog turned out "boyish", but not too masculine and sweet, without being too girly :)