Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pinterest Told Me To

Sheaffer is one of my absolute best friends.  We spend HOURS at the pool together during the summer and probably just as many hours texting each other funny/inappropriate pictures.  This summer Sheaffer told me that she was thinking of starting a style blog all about taking Pinterest outfits and recreating them with items from her closet and I was SO EXCITED!  I wasn't just excited about the outfits, which I knew would be adorable, but I was excited to read what she wrote because she's STINKIN' HILARIOUS!

If you're looking for some DARLING outfit ideas and a good dose of funny, be sure to check her out (and follow her because she does give aways... which aren't rigged.  hahaha. I tried to pressure her last time, but she wouldn't cave)

Mix and Match Family

My friend Shay, is a blogging machine! (As well as being one of my best friends and best clients - seriously.... she keeps trying to get me to quit my job and work for her full time and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tempted... think of all the bundt cake!!!)  

I had the pleasure of designing her food blog (Mix and Match Mama - seriously... go check it out... everything is YUM-O!) and her travel agency blog.

I was PUMPED to re-design her personal family blog and incorporate it into her Mix and Match family.  If you don't follow her already - trust me... you'll want to (her little bro is Sean Lowe! The next Bachelor!)

Wright Brothers - Super Heroes!

I'm a sucker for brothers, joint parties and super heroes!  How cute are these brothers?!?!?!

Tenley is TWO!

Tenley's mom found me back before Tenley was born and I got to do her birth announcements, first birthday invitations and now her SECOND birthday! (PLUS - she's expecting baby #2 so hopefully I'll get to do it all over again!)

Tenley's party was Minnie Mouse themed, but not necessarily the traditional red and white polka dots. I think this is a great example of taking a character that your child loves and incorporating it into a more "sophisticated" and unique party design.

Candy Baby Shower

Renay contacted me about making a "candy-themed" baby shower invitation for her sister, with lots of bright colors and, of course, candy!  I adore the little apothecary jars and candy elements. TOO SWEET!

The mom-to-be was flying in from out of town for the shower, and so we also came up with this little insert to include with the invitation - asking guests to opt for gift cards or shipping gifts.  Clever!

Narci D. Photography

I have a sweet "new" friend, Narci, who is a FABULOUS photographer.  She asked me to create a new logo for her and after bouncing LOTS and LOTS of ideas off of her, we settled on this beauty:

Monster Truck Party

Evan's mom wanted a Monster Truck Party invitation that was age-appropriate for her three year old.  (She didn't want neons and flames and crushed cars - hahaha).  I LOVE the colors and details of the final product.

Fall Sip-N-See

I am IN LOVE with the colors of this Sip-N-See invitation.  So fall, so sophisticated, so unexpected! LOVE!

Massey Valentines

Another project for Jordan and Amber - this was a Valentines Day card that they gave out to friends at a Valentines Supper Club. :)

Masseys are MOOOOVING!

I thought I had shared this, but I can't find it anywhere on the blog.... if I have, no worries... it's cute enough to share TWICE!  Jordan and Amber made a move to Fort Worth (Cowtown) and sent out this adorable mooooooving announcement.

Kensington's Bistro

Shay always throws some FABULOUS birthday parties for her cute kiddos and Kensington's 4th Birthday this September was no exception.  It was a French Bistro theme and the invitations were Parisian Chic!  Shay chose the first invitation to use, but I thought that the second one was too cute not to share as well.  Happy Birthday, Kensington Kate!!!

Jennifer "Tiffany Blue" Shower Invitation

Jennifer Probst has known me longer than most people... we go all the way back to High School band!  She and Dave were roommates in college and Jennifer and I got into our fair share of mischief.  Her sister got in touch with me about doing a "Tiffany blue" bridal shower invitation for Jennifer and I couldn't have been more excited and happy for her!

Hayden's Halloweenie Roast

I've had the absolute PLEASURE of working with Ashley on wedding invitations, baby shower invitations, birth announcements, baptism reception invitations and now first birthday party invitations!  WOW! 
I LOVE me some Halloween and was so excited to do a girly, Halloween-themed invitation for Sweet Hayden.  Still can't believe that she's going to be ONE!

Team SEAN!

Sean Lowe was on last season of The Bachelorette, and happens to be the brother of one of my besties, Shay.
I created this fun invitation to a Finale Watch Party for the loyal "Team Sean" members, but little did I know that it would be FAR from the last meeting of Team Sean! Can't wait 'til January!!!

Charlie's 30th

One of my besties from growing up asked me to make an invitation for a 30th Birthday cookout she was throwing for her boyfriend.  She wanted to include some old pictures of him along with nicknames and so I created something fun, summery and playful for the occasion.

Carter Turns 4

Carter Sims turned 4 in September and his sweet mama decided to throw him his party at his absolute favorite place... their Ranch!  I immediately knew what I was going to do and I love how it turned out.  Happy Birthday, Carter Jackson!

Massey Twin Girls Shower

Amber is a friend of a friend who is expecting sweet twin girls! I've done lots of work for Amber, so when her husband's aunt contacted me about doing a baby shower invitation for her, I was super excited because I really love Amber's aesthetic.  I thought it was girly and "fall" and perfect!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Mix and Match Travel Agency

Y'all know I love me some Mix and Match Mama, well, the very talented and multi-faceted Mama herself has taken on a new venture - her own Travel Agency! Shay is quite the traveler herself (seriously - the girl had diapers SHIPPED to Europe, people!!!) and so even if you're not planning a trip you should check out her blog for great travel tips and (if you're like me) you can live vicariously through pictures of her fabulous trips.  

I also "revamped" her recipe blog this past week so be sure to check it out as well.  Super yummy, super easy recipes - and we're about to get into Fall - when Mix and Match Mama is at her best :)  I'm not exaggerating - you HAVE to make her Sausage Potato Chowder the minute you smell Fall in the air.  It is my hubby's all time favorite meal and I've obliged and made it several times this summer despite the 108 degree heat... it's just that good (or I'm just that awesome of a wife) :)

 Be sure to check back soon because I'll be unveiling her Mix and Match Family blog design in a bit!

Blog: Tinge of Whimsy

When Maddie told me she wanted owls, daisies and stripes I was skeptical :), but I persevered and ended up LOVING her new blog design. Simple, fun and "whimsical".

Blog: Stover Stories

The Stovers are the cutest little Pennsylvania family EVER! Erin was a dream to work with and I think we came up with something fun for her family blog. Thanks, Erin!!! :)

Blog: Doo Travel

I seem to be doing LOTS of travel blogs lately - which have been super fun, but have kind of given me the "travel bug". Too bad I'm a teacher and August isn't a great time for teachers to "get away" hahaha

Blog: Disney Talk

Erin is a sweet sweet travel agent who contacted me to makeover her Disney blog.  I think it came out fun and whimsical without being overly "I'M A DISNEY BLOG! LOOK AT MY MOUSE EARS!" :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Exciting News

Slightly Askew Designs has some EXCITING news!  I'm now offering double-sided cards printed on 100% recycled, linen or pearl paper for $1.75/card!  There's going to be a minimum of 25 cards/order.  

I know a lot of y'all have been wanting these for a long time and I'm super excited to be able to deliver!  The traditional 5x7, one-sided, photo paper cards are still $1.25/each and both types of cards include plain white envelopes. 

Start thinking about Christmas cards (maybe card design on the front, short little "Year in Review" on the back") or Birthday Invitations with an picture of your adorable birthday boy/girl on the front and party info on the back.  The possibilities are endless and I can't wait for this new creative adventure. 

Don't forget to email me at andrea@slightlyaskewdesigns.com to get started on your design!

Friday, July 13, 2012


Jennifer and I have been friends since High School, she and my husband were roommates and we got into quite a bit of mischief together.  Her sister is planning her bridal shower and her only direction was "Tiffany blue".  I love the vintagey elements mixed with the modern chevron. Congratulations, Jennifer!!! :)

Hoyt Hero Invitations

Before I saw anything about these superhero invitations... I want you to take a minute and look at how cute the picture of Hoyt "flying" over the chalk skyscrapers is!!!  What a creative mama!

Gerbrandt Goodbye

Some of our dearest friends are moving to California (boo!!!), but we decided to set aside our bitterness (and climate-jealousy) and throw them a little goodbye party.  LOVE YOU, GERBRANDTS!


Declan is SO STINKIN' CUTE (and I think my chicken spaghetti can take partial credit for his arrival - since his mama ate it and was in labor 12 hours later - it's that good, people!) and I had so much fun creating this super sweet announcement for his parents. :)

Massey Twins

Vintagey, girly, whimsical and perfect for this family of twins-to-be :)

Super cute footer:

Classroom Decor

I'm a Junior High Math Teacher "by day" and am in the process of moving classrooms.  Since I had to take everything down and out of my old room I decided it was time for a fresh start.  A fresh start where I got to live out all my "girly" design fantasies (that I don't get to at home due to the fact that I have two little boys).  Thus, my floral, pink, aqua and yellow classroom was born.  I was redoing some old frames and art things I had laying around my house and decided to create some little "posters" using some favorite quotes and Bible verses.  It'll make more sense when I reveal pictures of my whole classroom, for now here they are...

I also made a few 8x10 signs to hang up as well...

If you're a teacher looking for some custom signs for your classrooms or maybe even a "class logo", you've come to the right place.  Email me and we can talk about your theme and needs.  :)

The Cookin' Chicks

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the vintagey, kitcheney feel of The Cookin' Chicks blog design I got to do.  They originally thought they wanted pink polka dots, but they let me take the reins and we ended up with this AWESOME look!
Check out The Cookin' Chicks HERE

Zoey Shower Invitation

I had the pleasure of planning a baby shower for one of my fellow teachers this past Spring.  I wanted to make it a surprise ('cause really, the only thing better than a baby shower is a SURPRISE baby shower!) and so this is the invitation I created that we emailed home to our entire Upper School student body.  It was so much fun to surprise her with 250+ people screaming SURPRISE! as she walked into our weekly chapel service.  SO FUN!

Party of Five

One of my BFFs :) is having her third baby and I made this sneaky card for her to post on FB to announce their upcoming arrival... 

Boy Mom Blog

This is my personal blog and I'm loving the design (even though I have a big Fall idea rolling around in my brain - hahaha)
Click HERE to visit my personal blog

Nicki: Graduation Announcements

Nicki was in my very first batch of 7th graders and I was beyond tickled to do her graduation announcements :)  Nicki is fun, sweet, bubbly and colorful and she wanted her announcements to reflect those aspects of her personality.  I think we succeeded :)

Coral Bridal Invites

A friend of mine asked me to create a "coral and gray"  invitation for a bridal luncheon she was hosting for her cousin. It wasn't a color scheme I'd done before so I was excited.  The mother-of-the bride liked it so much that she asked me to create two more.  One for a Pre-Wedding Workout she was hosting and the other for Wedding Day Manicures. SO FUN!