Friday, July 13, 2012


Jennifer and I have been friends since High School, she and my husband were roommates and we got into quite a bit of mischief together.  Her sister is planning her bridal shower and her only direction was "Tiffany blue".  I love the vintagey elements mixed with the modern chevron. Congratulations, Jennifer!!! :)

Hoyt Hero Invitations

Before I saw anything about these superhero invitations... I want you to take a minute and look at how cute the picture of Hoyt "flying" over the chalk skyscrapers is!!!  What a creative mama!

Gerbrandt Goodbye

Some of our dearest friends are moving to California (boo!!!), but we decided to set aside our bitterness (and climate-jealousy) and throw them a little goodbye party.  LOVE YOU, GERBRANDTS!


Declan is SO STINKIN' CUTE (and I think my chicken spaghetti can take partial credit for his arrival - since his mama ate it and was in labor 12 hours later - it's that good, people!) and I had so much fun creating this super sweet announcement for his parents. :)

Massey Twins

Vintagey, girly, whimsical and perfect for this family of twins-to-be :)

Super cute footer:

Classroom Decor

I'm a Junior High Math Teacher "by day" and am in the process of moving classrooms.  Since I had to take everything down and out of my old room I decided it was time for a fresh start.  A fresh start where I got to live out all my "girly" design fantasies (that I don't get to at home due to the fact that I have two little boys).  Thus, my floral, pink, aqua and yellow classroom was born.  I was redoing some old frames and art things I had laying around my house and decided to create some little "posters" using some favorite quotes and Bible verses.  It'll make more sense when I reveal pictures of my whole classroom, for now here they are...

I also made a few 8x10 signs to hang up as well...

If you're a teacher looking for some custom signs for your classrooms or maybe even a "class logo", you've come to the right place.  Email me and we can talk about your theme and needs.  :)

The Cookin' Chicks

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the vintagey, kitcheney feel of The Cookin' Chicks blog design I got to do.  They originally thought they wanted pink polka dots, but they let me take the reins and we ended up with this AWESOME look!
Check out The Cookin' Chicks HERE

Zoey Shower Invitation

I had the pleasure of planning a baby shower for one of my fellow teachers this past Spring.  I wanted to make it a surprise ('cause really, the only thing better than a baby shower is a SURPRISE baby shower!) and so this is the invitation I created that we emailed home to our entire Upper School student body.  It was so much fun to surprise her with 250+ people screaming SURPRISE! as she walked into our weekly chapel service.  SO FUN!

Party of Five

One of my BFFs :) is having her third baby and I made this sneaky card for her to post on FB to announce their upcoming arrival... 

Boy Mom Blog

This is my personal blog and I'm loving the design (even though I have a big Fall idea rolling around in my brain - hahaha)
Click HERE to visit my personal blog

Nicki: Graduation Announcements

Nicki was in my very first batch of 7th graders and I was beyond tickled to do her graduation announcements :)  Nicki is fun, sweet, bubbly and colorful and she wanted her announcements to reflect those aspects of her personality.  I think we succeeded :)

Coral Bridal Invites

A friend of mine asked me to create a "coral and gray"  invitation for a bridal luncheon she was hosting for her cousin. It wasn't a color scheme I'd done before so I was excited.  The mother-of-the bride liked it so much that she asked me to create two more.  One for a Pre-Wedding Workout she was hosting and the other for Wedding Day Manicures. SO FUN!