Friday, September 30, 2011

Mix and Match

My sweet friend Shay is an AMAZING cook and has started a new blog chronicling her adventures in baking and cooking. She's inspiring in that she uses recipes as an outline, but really makes them her own by mixing and matching. Be sure to check her out here - you won't be sorry! :)

Blogs, Blogs and More Blogs


One of my nearest and dearest friends had a double birthday party for her mom and Tangled-crazy little girl :) This was so much fun! Happy Birthday, Kensington! (and Lovie, too!)


Tenley turned one and had a pink and green ladybug party... It was an extra sweet project for me since I got to do her announcements the year before! :)
Can't wait to do her 2nd birthday invitations!!!

Recipe for a New Beginning

Mason West

My new sweet boy! LOVE his long fingers, furrowed brow and wrinkled skin that looks too big for his teeny little body :)

Luke's 3rd Birthday

Being 9 months pregnant when Luke was turning three wasn't going to stop me from throwing him a party - swollen ankles and all. The party was kind of a disaster (wind gusts of 70+ mph at an outdoor party with toddlers), but at least the invitations looked cute! :)

Levi's 2nd Birthday

Y'all know I love a good dumptruck party :) and so it was so much fun for me to get to work on Levi's 2nd birthday party invitations.

Levi William

My brother-in-law is a music minister (and a music enthusiast in general) and I was so excited to get to help throw a baby shower for my new nephew Levi William. I was able to incorporate their nursery fabric into the invitation and they turned out super cute!

Hayden Avery

How cute is the name Hayden Avery?!?! Just a little bit cuter than the sweet invitations I had the pleasure of making for her baby shower. :)

Carter Turns THREE!

Carter is OBSESSED with dinosaurs and so it's no surprise his sweet mama planned an awesome dinosaur party for him. Carter's dinosaur tail was the perfect accessory for his invitation picture. icture!

Boy Mom Blog

My own personal blog's new header. LOVE MY SWEET BOYS!

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Seghers Family Blog

Grad: Rebekah

This sweet Valedictorian was also in my first 8th grade class and has been just as sweet as she is smart since then :)

Madison Elizabeth


Lucas's Ball-A-Palooza First Birthday

Kale's Cookies & Milk

Kaden James

Bre's Bunch Blog Design

Welcome Rawston!

Grad: Alec

This sweet girl was in my very first batch of 8th Grade students and it was such a sweet experience to get to design her grad announcements...

Happy Birthday, Aiden!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Vineyards

I can't believe that I forgot to post about this super adorable blog! I completed this for them several months ago and I guess it just slipped through the cracks when it came to posting about it! OOOPS!!!

Hole In ONE

It breaks my heart to even type this, but Smith is turning one. His mom picked the first idea (the one above), but I liked them both so I had to share!


Owen was recently adopted by some friends of ours at church and his shower was an "African Texas" theme :) The card below was printed out 4x6 size and given to people as they left (to put up on their refrigerator, stick in their Bibles, etc.)

New Family Blog: Updated

The New Family had changed A LOT since I originally designed their blog and it was definitely time for an update. Sweet Jaxson has grown up soooo much and their next little guy needed his picture on there as well :)


This fun mama is hosting her first annual "Lylapalooza" celebration for her daughter Lyla's first birthday. HOW CUTE IS THAT?!?!?! She ended up going with the option below, but I loved them both so much I just had to share :)

Jaxson's Farm Party

As always, this cute little guy's pictures are super easy to work with and his party theme so much fun! Happy 2nd Birthday, Jaxson! (Still can't believe he's about to be two!)